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The Psychology of Contribution and Everyday Leadership

Globally, there are now 1900 B-Corp’s who are using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Concepts like Conscious Capitalism are flourishing, as are conferences on Purpose and The Future of Work.
At the heart of this movement is a simple question; what does it really mean to be successful in business? And their simple answer is: to be a force for good.
While this is great to see at an organisational level, many individuals are left wondering, what does this mean for me? How can they best prepare themselves to do deeply meaningful work and live lives rich with wellbeing and purpose?
It’s a great question, because there is more to doing good than just the business bit. There is also an important personal component to this kind of work, in who we are as people and in how we come together with others.
In this paper, we present a new psychology – the Benefit Mindset – as a simple way for thinking about the important role our inner lives play in doing good business.

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Reference: Buchanan, A. (2016). Benefit Mindset Good Business Guide. Melbourne: Cohere.