There is a global movement taking place in education, business and sustainability. An emerging community of people who share a common belief.
Rather than being driven by individual gain, this emerging community of people are finding that there is real value, in being of value – to ourselves, to others, to nature and to the future.
Together they are fundamentally redefining success; aspiring to not only be the best in the world, but also to be the best for the world. At their core – they share a Benefit Mindset.

Becoming an everyday leader

The Benefit Mindset describes societies everyday leaders who promote wellbeing on both an individual and a collective level. It builds on Carol Dweck’s pioneering research on how beliefs can profoundly shape the lives we lead and the actions we take.
Fixed Growth Benefit Mindset
What sets everyday leaders apart from their everyday achieving counterparts is how they aspire to discover their strengths, in order to contribute to causes that are greater than the self. They question ‘why’ they do what they do, and believe in making a meaningful difference.
Read more about the nature of mindsets or download a copy of the Benefit Mindset academic paper from the International Journal of Wellbeing.

Our inspiration

Our work is forever inspired by the vision of Donella Meadows.
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