Schools Guide

Students using Wellbeing as a Force for Good

In Australia, students are learning how to strengthen their relationships, enhance personal resilience and explore what it means to be a global citizen. In Germany, schools run subjects specifically on happiness and social skills. In Bhutan, young people learn mindfulness, and how they can best contribute to their country’s Gross National Happiness.
Around the world, a growing community of teachers and students are fundamentally rethinking the purpose of education. At the core of this movement is a simple question: what does it really mean to be successful in life? Rather than promoting ‘accomplishment for accomplishment’s sake’, this community is finding there is real value, in being of value – to themselves, to others, to nature and to the future.
It is a new mindset that is redefining success; from being the best in the world, to being the best for the world. It is the Benefit Mindset.
In this guide we present the Benefit Mindset as a pathway for reimagining success – unleashing whole person and whole planet potential.
It includes a range of learning activities that can be replicated in schools or provided as part of Professional Development sessions. The activities are suitable for primary, secondary, public and private schools.

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Reference: Buchanan, A., Greig, J. (2016). Benefit Mindset Schools Guide. Melbourne: Cohere.